Monday, September 28, 2009

This is it!

Okey dokey folks. I leave the day after tomorrow. I'm off on my mission adventure! Provo Utah here I come! I'm pretty excited. Nervous cause I'm new to the whole mission thing but I know that I'll be fine. After all thousands have gone to the MTC and lived so I will too. I'm ready to study hard and pray more than I ever thought I would but I'm stoked! Pray for me! God be with you all till we meet again.

Sis. Moogie

Monday, August 10, 2009

I figure it's about time to start counting down days till the big events happen!
Let's see today is the 10 of August so I have
34 days till I give my farwell talk
35 days till I turn 21
51 days till I leave for Provo.

Well there you go now you are up on days!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well ladies and gents it happened! I got my call and I'm officially gonna be a Utard for the next year and a half. I was called to the Provo/ St. George Visitor Center Mission. Now I know what you are thinking, so she's gonna be a Visitor's Center Missionary? ha! But it at least I'm not at Temple Square. heh. What is amazing is how huge my mission is. It is almost all of Utah, a bit in Colorado and even a smidge in Arizona. Plus I imagine they wont have me in the visitor's center all the time so I'll get a work out. :) I think it'll be awesome!

Thanks you to all those who came and supported me in this endeavor and sat and waited in anticipation while I said "maybe it'll come today." The waiting paid off! I'm going to Utah!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The papers are in

Well had my final interview with my Bishop and Stake President. Everything is in now and I should get my call in a few weeks. I'm voting a week and a half but it could take longer. We'll see. BTW, my bro. left for the MTC and will be on his way to Ukraine in 3 months. Yes I cried when we said good bye at the airport but he was really excited and I'm excited for him. Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visiting Teaching

Ok so I went and visit taught one of the girls I have who happens to have gone on a mission to Arkansas ( I think) and she showed me pictures. It looked like it was awesome and it really helped me get more excited.

Status update, just need to send my doctor stuff to my bishop and get my picture for my paper work and then I'm all set and ready to send it in to my stake president and on to The general authorities! Woohoo. So yep, that's the new stuff.

Sis. Moogie

Monday, June 8, 2009

First intro to proselyting

Hola Everyone,
Today I had my first chance to see what missionaries actually do on a daily basis. I went to an appointment with the sister missionaries and let me say I am thoroughly amazed that they were able to do so well in the situation we were faced with. The guy lives in a run down apartment complex and didn't have much. He is part of a part member family and rather skeptical of the church to the point of making fun of the sisters. I could tell there was curiosity but from my view he didn't seem interested. The sisters weren't about to give up. I was amazed how bold they were and didn't let him get away with anything. I have been told that being bold is good but personally I don't know if I, myself could have had the guts to do what they did. I suppose I'll have to learn pretty quick but all I can say is the Lord's work must be done and if these sisters can stand up and declare the truthfulness of the gospel to a man who smells like smoke and doesn't have much of anything going for him then certainly I can at least share my testimony with my friends and others I come in contact with. The experience didn't yield as much success the first go round but I believe that given time this man's heart might be softened and he will honestly want to know more.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello All!
I finally got all the paperwork filled out for my mission. Sheesh. There are all sorts of questions that they ask. I never had to think so hard about my medical history in all my life! I makes you wonder why they need to know so much. heh. Hopefully there wont be anything wrong with me when I go to the doctor and get checked. Yuck. However, I wont have to go for a year and a half when it's all over so that's good news. :) I can submit my paper work on June 14. I'm pretty sure I'll have my call by the beginning of July at the latest so I'll keep everyone posted.

Sis. Moogie